Economic and Social Development Consulting

In continuation of the original mission for which MMIS was founded 25 years ago, we strive to promote positive sustainable economic and social change in Jordan and the region. Ever since our inception, we have expanded our economic and social development consulting services to meet the ever-increasing development challenges of the MENA region.
We serve a wide range of clients: national and local governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, non-profit organizations and non-governmental bodies. Moreover, we partner with international development consulting firms, complementing their wide international expertise with our unique knowledge of the local development context of the region. This enables us as a team, to tackle even the most challenging development issues, while creating the highest impact and delivering the best results.

We deliver the following cross-cutting services pertaining to economic and social development:
• Capacity Building
• Expert Mobilization and Support
• Institutional Development and Strengthening
• Monitoring and Evaluation Studies
• Policy Analysis and Formulation
• Program Design and Management

Our development oriented assignments cover various interrelated areas, including:

The development of a robust private sector is essential to boost the growth and stability of global economies in general, and the developing economies of the MENA region in particular. In return, economic growth is fundamental for improving income and employment prospects as well as for poverty alleviation.
We, at MMIS, pride ourselves that we have successfully worked with the major stakeholders relevant to private sector development in the region. On one hand, we have partnered with decision and policy makers, including governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, and international development agencies to deliver a number of major Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development programs.

On the other hand, since our establishment, we have advised numerous private sector enterprises and
entrepreneurs on a multitude of issues critical to their success.

Governments in the developing countries face a number of challenges in different areas, including public financial management, efficiency and transparency, rule of law, civil rights, equality and democracy. Through providing capacity building and technical assistance, we strengthen governments’ institutional capacity, enhance service delivery and stimulate local economic development.
Deeply rooted in the region, we have developed unmatched expertise and knowledge in the particular challenges that face governments of the MENA region. Over the past 25 years, we have implemented a large number of assignments related to governance and public policy reform. We foster a bottom up approach to development, stemming from our belief that a participatory approach is imperative to the success of any intervention.

Export and trade development, and investment promotion are essential tools to increase the competitiveness of the developing countries’ economies. Our team works with private and governmental institutions to stimulate economic development through identifying potential investment ideas and export markets for local industries and services, developing investment maps, advising and implementing public policy reforms, building capacity of trade and export related government bodies, developing export strategies, facilitating accession to World Trade Organization (WTO) and value chain analysis.

Experience has shown that economic development alone is not sufficient to ensure long-term sustainable development. Social development is a critical aspect of the development cycle, and is essential in transforming the development objectives of any country into tangible results and in improving the well-being of its people.

Our social development work covers a wide spectrum of areas, including: Inequality, gender, healthcare, youth and education, employment and labor, civil rights, sustainable energy and environment. Our approach to social development focuses on empowering people and societies to become more inclusive,
resilient and cohesive, which is, in our belief, the essence of the overall development process.