Business and Industry Consulting

Our business and industry consulting aims at helping our clients capitalize on their competitive strengths, enabling them to achieve the highest return on their strategic decision areas that are critical for their success.
We work with the region’s leading businesses and help them become even better. By investing the adequate time to develop a solid understanding of our clients’ businesses and the challenges they face, coupled with our superior industry and functional expertise, we deliver exceptional results.

Our business and industry consulting assignments cover various interrelated services, including:

Market analysis and investment advisory is one of the major consulting practices we offer. Through providing our clients with unique insights and analysis, we help them make sound business expansion and start-up decisions, maximizing their return on investment.
We have a broad network of affiliates that provide us with information pertaining to various industries world-wide, in addition to using our local sources. The wide variety of projects that we have implemented in various areas, for both local and regional markets, provided us with a sound communication network, linking us to key personnel in major industrial and service sectors in the region. Our facilitated access to information resulting from our business contacts guarantees our clients the highest standards of performance and top quality results.

Our market analysis and investment advisory consulting services include:
• Sector Studies
• Feasibility Studies
• Market Research and Surveys
• Financial Analysis and Restructuring
• Value Chain Analysis
• Business Valuation and Due Diligence
• Investment Strategy

In today's demanding and competitive world, operational excellence is essential, not only for success, but also for survival. In order to achieve such advantage, organizations must focus on measuring performance against standards or prescribed indicators of all processes, systems and procedures in order to comply with the organizations’ overall strategy.
We at MMIS, help our clients focus on delivering the best services and highest quality products through efficient processing. Recognizing what it takes to provide the best operational performance consulting, we utilize the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to enable our clients observe measurable improvements in performance. We look at the entire business entity to help it achieve operating cost reductions with tangible improvements in quality and productivity.

Our operations performance consulting services encompass:
• Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)
• ISO Certification
• Performance Management
• Project Management Office (PMO) Establishment
• Total Quality Management (TQM) and Excellence Models

One of the major factors that differentiate a successful business from an unsuccessful one is the quality of its HR system and structure. Outstanding companies – regardless of size – recognize the need to be responsive and to focus on adopting a cost-effective organizational structure that supports business goals and contributes to growth exibility.
We believe that human resources are the spine of any successful business and the ultimate asset it possesses. Therefore, through our analysis, we identify meaningful and effective work activity and staffing needs and enable the organization’s employees to make their optimal contribution to the bottom line.

Our organizational development and human resources consulting services encompass:
• Corporate Governance
• Competency Framework Development
• Compensation and Benefits Planning
• Change Management
• Human Resources Planning and Systems
• Organizational Restructuring
• Performance Evaluation and Incentive Planning
• Policies and Procedures
• Salary and Benefits Surveys
• Training and Development

Today’s fast-paced complex business environment dictates the need to adopt robust on-going strategic planning by companies, regardless of size, sector or location. This need is even more imminent for companies operating in the MENA region, due to the volatile economic, political and social conditions.
Strategy development consulting services is one of MMIS specialty areas. We believe that developing an appropriate business strategy requires a sound understanding of markets, economics and competition.

Our strategy development consulting includes:
• Strategic and Business Planning
• Functional Strategies:
- Operations Strategy
- Marketing Strategy
- Financial Strategy
- Human Resources Strategy
- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy