Established in 1988, MMIS Management Consultants is a leading regional consulting firm based in Jordan that provides consulting services to government, non-profit and private organizations in various consulting practices. Throughout the past 25 years, we have concluded more than 1,200 assignments for over 400 local, regional and multinational clients.

Evidently, many of our clients have chosen us again and again because we consistently exceed expectations. Our team of highly qualified professionals has implemented projects spanning across the entire MENA region. Furthermore, our large network of highly experienced associated local and international consultants complement our in-house professional’s expertise, ever-increasing our ability to satisfy each of our clients particular needs, and deliver added-value solutions to them.

Our services fall under the following three main clusters/areas:

1. Economic and social development consulting

2. Business and industry consulting

3. Executive search and selection (headhunting)
















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