About Us


history.pngIn 1988, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with the Government of Jordan, launched the Industrial Development Project in Jordan. The project aimed at facing the difficult economic environment at the time, through addressing the constraints inhibiting the expansion and growth in the private manufacturing sector. To accomplish this objective, USAID designed the project with three main components. Creating a Manufacturing and Marketing Improvement Section (MMIS) within the Jordan Institute of Management (JIM), which was itself a part of the Industrial Development Bank (IDB), developing an industrial engineering program at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at the University of Jordan, and revitalizing and augmenting the Amman Chamber of Industry.

A.T. Kearney, a global management consulting ­firm, was contracted by USAID to establish MMIS capabilities and to create the foundation upon which MMIS has grown. A.T. Kearney’s management and support ensured MMIS success in ful­filling its mandate of providing superior quality management consulting to private Jordanian manufacturing fi­rms, to assist them become more competitive internationally, in addition to creating consulting services awareness and enhancing the consulting capabilities within the local Jordanian market.

In May 1993, and upon the successful conclusion of MMIS mandate as a part of the USAID’s Industrial Development Project, MMIS was acquired by its senior Jordanian directors and became a private shareholding company totally owned by Jordanians. It was registered under the Arabic name of “Dar Al-Khibra Lil-Istisharat Al-Edaria” and continued to operate under the already well-known brand name MMIS.

Ever since, MMIS worked on aligning its scope of services with the continuously changing market needs, in parallel with broadening its clientele base to include clients from all different sectors in MENA region.

Our Values

Our values can be summed up in a single word:


Our work exemplifies the highest standards of performance within our profession. We take pride in our ability to approach each assignment individually, objectively, and with total commitment. We reject preconceived or package solutions; rather, we tailor each effort to best meet our clients’ needs.


• Confidentiality: we ensure full confidentiality and do not engage in work that may give rise to a conflict of interest between clients on sensitive strategic issues
• Integrity: we favor what’s right over what’s beneficial
• Excellence: we strive to consistently exceed expectations
• Teamwork: we arrive to the best solutions through creating synergy between us and our client

Our Team

Our team is a blend of dedicated consulting specialists with excellent business and operations literacy, ensuring that our clients will have the benefit of an all-encompassing high level of service across several disciplines and issues. Our team is committed to seeking added value by significantly improving our clients’ competitive position.